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I am Zahra Yousefi Chaijan.

I was born in December 1983 in Tehran, Iran.

I’m in Love with Art, Music & Sport at same time.

I’m interested to chicano style  for motorcycles & Lowrider for  American classic car .

I love painting & airbrush on vehicles & accessories.

Also i have my own motorcycle that it’s customized like Harly Davidson Motorcycle,

We can’t Used any motorcycle more than 250 cc , it’s banned in our country. {Also women don’t have rights to ride & they don’t give us license .}

But I dressed like man & Ride with men Crew of motorcycles.

We have a lot of motorcycle Clubs in 250 cc and i am a first, only & one ladybiker that can do it “secretly” in the road of IRAN.

I Also

follow the fitness in Gym, & i am a trainer and have graduated from iranbbf & IFBB.

I studied Bachelor of Graphics at the Comprehensive Scientific and Applied University – Culture and Art Unit 12

  : Bachelor’s Degree – Graphics

Duration of education 1392-2014 2012-2014 GPA 18.6 18.6

My thesis about:

Thesis topic: The title of the thesis is the investigation of the decorative symbols of ancient periods in the buildings of Tehran

University – Faculty of Art and Architecture, Tehran – South branch

: Bachelor’s degree  in the field of art research ART RESEACH (which used to be known as the field of philosophy of art.)

Study duration 2 years 2016-2019 – – 2019                        GPA 17.94 17.94


 It has been defended with a score of 17 and a good grade.

Also, a long time ago, I studied BACHELOR in the field of computer software in 1379-1382 /July/ 2003 – 2000 – 30 Sep.

     with a GPA of 13.55

Name of the course – duration of participation in the course

• First aid, medical emergencies for about 3 months.

• (Has an international degree from the Institute of Medicine-Nevada, USA and a degree from Tehran Technical Complex)

• International certificate of body Art (tattoo art) from QLA England

• Technical and professional certificate of permanent facial makeup – venue: Tehran, course duration: about 3 months.

Title of the article/book

• Collecting a collection of articles about the subculture of motorcycling in America and its expansion to Iran.

Translation of the book “Let’s Ride” by Sonny Burger, let’s ride – sonny burger, Raz Nahan publications, winter 1402

Bodybuilding and fitness 3, from Iran Bbf, international coaching course from IFBB ACADEMY, level 2 .

  Other: Motorcycle riding in Cruise, Chopper and Street models

I also doing free lancer Graphic art work for Academy of Sciences IR , like poster design & Book layout.  

Academies or academies of science all over the world are the places of membership of excellence faculty of top ranking universities of country prominent professors of the same country. 

i love to do painting & Lowrider manually on motorcycle and cars .